Do you suffer from chronic diseases? Have a problem that conventional medicine has not solved? Try hyperbaric oxygen therapy! We will solve your health problems and help you regain good shape!

Oxygen therapy

FROM 2020 ONLY BĘDZIN MEDICAL hyperbaric chamber “HARD” HQ2020-90 TRZ

Air-conditioned device, full contact with qualified personnel via intercom during the procedure, possibility of performing the treatment for the parent and the child at the same time (two oxygen masks).

We cordially invite you to treatments in a modern hyperbaric chamber .

All treatments are performed after consultation with the client, focusing on his individual needs. We hope that the pleasant atmosphere we create in combination with the care with which we perform treatments will please you, relax, calm down and bring great results.

In our office you will find a friendly atmosphere, treatment comfort, good contact with young patients and flexibility of the offer.

The Oxygen Therapy Clinic was created for all those who struggle with various problems on a daily basis.

Our goal was to create a place where you can improve your
health, fitness and beauty.

Do you suffer from chronic diseases? Have a problem that conventional medicine has not solved? Try hyperbaric oxygen therapy! We will solve your health problems and help you regain good shape!



Hyperbaric chamber

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Oxygen Is The Host

More effective revitalization in hyperbaric chambers

Stem Cells

Thanks to stem cells, the body recovers

Hyperbaric chamber

Used properly and under the supervision of qualified staff

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Oxygen therapy and its application

Oxygen under increased pressure is crucial. Thanks to this, it dissolves in the plasma and, consequently, oxygenates the internal organs much more effectively. It helps to remove toxins such as carbon dioxide from the body, but

Oxygen therapy – not for everyone

Although the treatment in a hyperbaric chamber brings many health benefits, it must be remembered that, as with many other therapies, there are also some contraindications here. They include fever